Monday, 25 October 2021

Memes that got banned on Facebook

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The Memes Facebook removed

A collection of memes that - in their wisdom - Facebook removed and in most caes, imposed a ban. The aggressive memes seem to be left alone.  I could really have never predicted these ones.

A Pun on alcohol = promoting alcohol!

Just a bit of fun.  Nah, seriously, just a bit of fun, and in no way promoting alcohol given by Facebook as the reason for its removal.. Removed and a seven day ban.

Went in a bit strong, I guess

03 Sep 2021.  The text was the problem, not the image. Post removed and a three day ban.

Here's a list of the anti-vaxxers who have ben putting people's lives at risk by discouraging them from getting vaccinated &/or putting people's lives at rixk by objecting to the (albeit insufficient) lockdown measures imposed under the health regulations.

They have been banned at this page

You have blood on your hands.  I hope you feel proud of yourselves.

(List of over thirty banned users at the page

A friendy warning becomes an infraction!

I was trying to make users aware of the sort of comment that gets pulled down in groups, and my SCREENSHOT of it got removed and led me to an immediate one day ban.  

All done automatically, the post was down in seconds.  Facebook can - and does - OCR memes with easy fonts.

The cartoon taken as 'bullying'

17 Dec 2020 and posted thus: Did you hear the "final observations" on 'Insiders' on Sunday? On the final episode of the year, and the final "final observation" Niki Savva revealed how her information was that due to COVID Arthur Sinodinos might return to Australia and be replaced by Senator Marise Payne.  

Removed as Harassment and Bullying.  24 Hour ban.

The Penis that wasn't

This one was sent up in late January 2021.  It went to over 5,000 users then just disappeared.  I never received a notification, but the post just disappeared.  I sent it up again, and exactly the same thing happened a second time.

On 1 Feb 2021, I figured it out, smoothed over the belly buyyon and that post remains.  Never seemed to have punitive action taken by Facebook about this.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Renumbering Complete

Renumbering is done

All the people pages have been runmbered into 2017 and 2018.

Each Letter has a month, with the A's starting in December 2018, and the L's back to January 2018

The M's take over in 2017 from December, and we get back to the Z's in January 2017.

In summary for PEOPLE

2018 = A - L

2017 = M - Z

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Renumbering in Progress

The blog is currently getting re-ordered.  It's a manual edit on every post but definite progress is being made!

I had no idea there'd be this many pages when I set the blog up, and would only have a few days between the posts.  The extra images just didn't fit in between.

Anyway, I'm re-numbering them now so that each letter gets its own MONTH.  I won't run out of gaps now. The renumbering shouldn't be too much longer though, as I'm now getting a lot faster, having re-done the first half of the face images.

Re-numbering fully complete

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Page Assets

Some key graphics from various pages in the stable

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